Jim The Enchanter – Pirate Station – 320KBPS – Download Below!

Jim The Enchanter - Pirate Station - VINYL MIX -320KBPS 36:08

Jim the Enchanter - Pirate Station - 320kBPS - 36:08
Seatrain - Flute Thing
Beastie boys - Do It
Grace Jones - Pull up to the Bumper
!!! - Like I give a ..
Soloman Burke - Maggies Farm
The Rolling Stones - Have You Seen My Mother Baby
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Seven Days is Too Long
Talking Heads - Burning Down The House
Commodores - Machine Gun
Madness - One Step Beyond(Intro)
Lizzy Mercier - FIRE
Conroy Smith - Dangerous
Travis Blaque - Vowel Movement
Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm
Beastie boys - Flute loops

Jim The Enchanter – Pirate Station by Jim The Enchanter on Mixcloud

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Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Even the most retiring and self-conscious of us have moments when we sparkle like a polished diamond and soar to greatness astounding our peers and wowing the masses. Those of us who never seek the centre stage will sometimes find ourselves leading the party and influencing others into greatness.

We look in awe at our heroes and want to be like them, we want to be A Great. But being A Great comes with a price. The chips are always up, even when they’re down. Greatness must always come first, before family before money before your own well-being. Read any Great’s biography and you’ll see that before any greatness comes seemingly endless failure, doubt, pain, misery, poverty etc.

This mix is explores the inner meaning of Keeping It Real.

Super Flash: Git it oan

Save yourself

Jim The Enchanter – Super Flash – 320KBPS – Download Below!

Jim The Enchanter - Super Flash - VINYL MIX -320KBPS 27:32

John Lee Hooker -I Wanna Ramble
Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller
Cadets - Love bandit
R Dean Taylor - Ghost in my House
Commodores - Brick House
Staple Sisters - Slippery People
James Curd - Sea of Faces
Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night

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Jim The Enchanter – Super Flash

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The Harder They Come by John O'Connell

I get hungry quite a lot. Regularly and violently. Food preparation is the farthest thing from my mind throughout the day. When hunger comes-a-knocking I know I gotta get something into my tum-tum before my judgement gets clouded and the red mist sets in.

Hence this attached mix is dedicated to those non-epicureans among us. Think of all the things we avoid by eating from the tin. Buying ingredients, chopping stuff, setting the table. inviting people for dinner, even calling people to the table. Stressful stuff. Not to mention the juggling of the cooker hobs, frying pans, ovens and microwaves. Deciding what dressing goes with what salad mix. O the horror. And for what end? I won’t go there, but let’s just say it all ends up in the flush-flush.

So here’s to those of us too busy or preoccupied with the finer things in life to bother with the stressful hell that exists between the kitchen walls. Just grab that tinned delight from the shelf and gobble it up while you’re still standing.

Eating From The Tin: For those who despise washing up. Or emptying the dishwasher. Or entertaining hungry well-wishers.

Dig in

Jim The Enchanter – Eating From The Tin – 320KBPS – Download Below!

Jim The Enchanter - Eating From The Tin - VINYL MIX -320KBPS 52:22

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Martha's Song 
Bo Diddley - Shut up, woman 
Stereos - Stereo Freeze 
Lizzy Mercier - Wawu 
Pnu Riff - Bula 
Butch Cassidy Sound System - Take me to your leader 
Johnny Clarke - Judgement Day 
Stromba - Perculator 
Sugar Daddy - Another one bites the dust 
Mr Scruff - Champion Nibble 
Cymande - BRA 
Bo Diddley - You, Bo Diddley 
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance 
Human League - What dreams are made of 
Specials - You're wondering now 
Charley Ace - Country Boy 
Chuck Berry - Memphis

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Jim The Enchanter – Eating From The Tin

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Another epic delivery from Vinyl Selector #1. A brash delivery of mixed bag greatness here with over fifty minutes of non-stop delights. Music from nearly all of the continents (2) meets at this platter gathering recorded live in 2011.

Anyone here like rhetorical questions?

This mix is anything but rhetorical. Cheek by jowl we got Steel Drum Reggae, Ball-breaking Funk, Oldest of Old Skool New-York hip hop and some righteous stuff that just feel right.

Run your red rimmed saucers over the delightful nuggets below and prepare to listen or download your way to self-satisfaction. This mix will increase your self-worth and ensure historical substance to your family name. Your neighbours sports-car shall wilt into insignificance at the sublime righteousness of this melange de terre

Chandelier Blues: Money = happiness


Jim The Enchanter – Chandelier Blues – 320KBPS – Download Below!

Jim The Enchanter - Chandelier Blues - VINYL MIX -320KBPS 52:22

Melodians Steel Band - Fur Elise 
Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten up 
Funkadelic - Standing on the Verge of getting in on 
AverageWB - Pick up the pieces 
Eek a Mouse - Virgin Girl 
Jacob Millar - I'm Just a dread 
Gang Starr - Jazz Thing 
Funkees - Ole 
Erzulie -TiJean (Pedro) 
UB40 - 25% 
Detroit Spinners - It's a Shame 
JB Pickers - Super Soul theme 
James Curd -buffalo girl 
MC Lyte - i Am the Lyte 
Sidewinder - Ego Riot 
Funkadelic - One nation under A groove 
Sly Stone - Stand

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Jim The Enchanter – Chandelier Blues

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Pirate The Enchanter
Greetings and bleatings from Vinyl Selector #1. This mix was inspired by the words of Small Faces’ Steve Marriott in The Universal, “Working doesn’t seem to be the perfect thing for me so I’ll continue to play”, a poignant lament to the soulful dreamer.

We are all born with some innate laziness, the gnawing chain that bites into our ankles as we drag ourselves to a job we never dreamed of doing for money to pay for bills we never intended to accumulate. This mix is about Me Time, You Time and Down Time. Switch off your phone, stop thinking about work, your kids, your sick relative and just wallow in your own brilliance.

Money For Jam : Idiom; Easy Money

Get stuck in

Jim The Enchanter – Money for Jam – 320KBPS – Download Below!

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke
Ian Dury -Wake up and Make Love to Me
Lee Dorsey - Get out My life Woman
MC Lyte - I Cram to understand you
Conroy Smith - Dangerous
Lefties Soul Connection - Organ Donor
Orgone- Funky Nassau
Unknown - Ole Ola
Michael Jackson - Dont Stop till You Get Enough
Eek a Mouse - Waa doo Dem
The Paragon - Danger in your eyes
Ella Fitzgerald - I heard It through the grapevine
Johnnny Guitar Watson - Who's Making Love?
Hang on Sloopy
Earth Wind & fire - September
Parliament - My Automobile
Show of Hand - Moondance
John Holt - I Don't want to see you cry
UNKNOWN - Big fat baby

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Jim The Enchanter - Money For Jam

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